Striptease Club “RAI”

  Were You in Paradise? Consider that such an opportunity is not from the discharge pipe dream, but an achievable reality. With the advent in Chisinau Club "RAI" your imagination unrealized gain tangible shades of noble reality.
  "RAI" club - this is your chance to get into the world of heavenly pleasures, where there is no room vanity or insoluble problems. This is a small oasis of earthly delight with a hint of oriental mystery. This is an ideal solution for your holiday under the new format.
  Visitors to the capital of Paradise will appreciate the comfort of the interior, brilliance and unpredictability of the programs to staff, is truly boundless scope for the realization of your desires and liberating topless dances.
  Girls, personifying the top dance, are carefully selected, and the impressive numbers put a professional choreographer.
  To best meet the preferences "RAI" club offers VIP services designed to find individual approach to each guest.

    "RAI" Club offers:
  Bachelor’s party
  Private party
  Private Dances

  Also in club acts face control and dress code, thus the administration of the club expresses its firm position in relation to persons who for one reason or another do not meet the requirements of the club.

  Opening hours from 22.00 to 06.00 every day.

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